Ore no Aishita Isekai de Synopsis

After losing his colorful boyhood due to bullying and mistreatment, even as an adult, he laboured as a corporate slave. When he wakes up, there is a man in a strange space, and he has become a child. And so, the man in was told he can go to a different world. The man who regretted his dull boyhood said, “I live as I prefer from now on,” had his heart set. A man with a slightly warped sense of ethics transmigrated to a different world to enjoy his life there.

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Ore no Aishita Isekai de Synopsis

Ore no Aishita Isekai de Prologue Part 2

Imagine this as the old man breaking and entering.
Imagine this as the old man breaking and entering.

The man had an emaciated face, pupils blurred by madness, sweat pouring forth from his body, and rough breathing.

Walking into part of the room, the man stopped in front of the bed.

On the bed, snoring in only his pants, there was a young man in his late twenties.

The man looked at the wounds on the young man’s body and scowled. (The young man doesn’t have a shirt on, so the scars from his abuse could be seen.)

They were wounds that the man had given the young man.

By the time the young man was in the upper grades of elementary school, the man was giving him wounds on a daily basis.

Looking at the cuts and round marks, the man weakly opens his mouth.

“I’m sorry…”

The man said these words of apology towards the sleeping youth.

“Because of me,… you had painful experiences.”

The man, stroking the cheek of the youth, went to the kitchen, and came back holding a knife.

The man, stroking the knife that was in his hand, spoke to the youth.

“But you can’t forgive me. Why are you sleeping with a happy face?”

The weak and scolded, trembling voice disappeared, it was full of hatred, and the man murmured in a dark voice.

The man stabbed the knife into the chest of the youth. (TL Note: and the youth awoke to super saiyan powers, and kicked the man’s ass… not.)

“You, your mother said she longed for you. Now, she doesn’t have to wait. I will follow after you, Sunnah (TL Note: I’m extremely boggled on this one atm, I’ll come back to it later, when it’s not midnight my time -.-: 「お前、母さんが恋しいって言ってたよな。待ってろ、今、会わせてやる。俺も後から行く、心配すんな」 そして、男は、包丁を押し込んだ。)

And, the man shoved the knife in. The silver cutlery penetrates the meat, but is stopped by an obstacle. But, when the man adds more force, it pierces through the obstacle, and runs through the heart.

The only sounds were of a youth snoring in the darkness.

“Huh… huh…!!”

Also, without waiting to adjust his breathing, the man impaled the knife into his throat.

The man’s breathing rapidly became rough, after tens of seconds, it’s interrupted by breathing sounds.

Like a machine that was moving up until then, then suddenly lost its power source, I suddenly stopped breathing, and disappeared.

Apartment room.

And was left there…

As if representing the wounds of the youth’s heart, there was a hole in the chest.

Opening his mouth as if to lament his misfortune, the man sprayed blood.

The story of the dead youth, of Charles, begins in a different world.

Ore no Aishita Isekai de Prologue Part 2

Ore no Aishita Isekai de Prologue Part 1

“Ah~~ I’m tired.”

I, who went home, which is an apartment in a four-storey building, fell in my bed after a shower was taken. And, shutting my eyes, I remembered what I did today.

Work, work, work, work, and just a little play time. I didn’t like every day, it’s because it wasn’t productive.

For a holiday, every week on Sunday, I go to the internet bulletin board and view people who are in the same circumstances as me, and we lick each other’s wounds. And I continue to work from Monday, until late Saturday night.

An overtime worker doesn’t go out. You say, “Because that’s ordinary.”

But I’m still a better person now. In childhood, I had stones thrown at me everyday, and the acts escalated until around high school, where they did tests of courage by burning me with a cigarette. (TL Note: Ty, fixed)
My parents didn’t help me. Rather, it was the opposite, they hurt me.

I have 3 round marks attached to my classmates, and 4 marks from my parents (TL Note: As in, his classmates left 3 cigarette burn markings on him from abuse, and his parents left 4.) Not only that, there was also that they cut me with a knife. Countless cuts were left throughout my body.

Every day I was beaten, kicked, forced, hung, vilified and ignored.

No one tried to see me, no one tried to help. I wasn’t registered in anyone’s sight. Rather, it is because I didn’t try to register. It’s because it’s painful, or because I don’t want to be involved, or because I don’t want to be bothered, or because it’s pitiful… the reasons vary.

I can also look at those guys and not see anything. Surely, if you were me, you would have done the same thing.

But only those who tease me, I can’t forgive. I wanted to make an example of them, let them taste my pain, and murder them.

But, when you get used to it and become patient, slowly, I became convinced that, “If I’m patient, I will be released.” (TL Note: As in, if he doesn’t respond and just takes it all, they will leave him alone eventually.)

I completed high school and left my hometown, while having my wounds on my body remain.

Then the world changed completely. Everything looked new. But, that dream ended in four years.

I found employment in an enterprise and got a job, but I regret it in the present progressive tense (as in, he regrets getting the job, and continues to regret having it).

The company I joined is black. I don’t want to say anymore information, but it is black.

My life is unreasonable. I already think I would like to die. (TL Note: obvious death flag incoming…)

“If I’m patient, I will be released.” I consider myself who said that quite stupid.

If you were able to speak to your past self, I want to say you should immediately rush to the police station and should call for help. Why did I come to such a warped conclusion? I’d like to hit myself in the past. “Regret” has a bad aftertaste.

I sleep while remembering the disgusting affair of today. (TL Note: He is disgusted with how his day went) It’s not that I remembered because I want to remember. It’s the hate and anger that makes me remember.

At this time, a turning point came for me, but I didn’t realize this at the time.

A man entered the apartment.

(TL Note: I broke the prologue up into two parts, originally one, because I’m tired, and I want to go to bed. I’ll finish this up later.)

Ore no Aishita Isekai de Prologue Part 1

Shiro no Koukou Monogatari Summary

A man was reborn into a different world. As if it had been waiting for him, the world is going to rush into a tumultuous era. With magic and science, love and hate, giving the man a romantic comedy and War Chronicle.


Hello everyone, This is Skoll here! This is a light novel that I got interested in, by reading the manga (Currently on Chapter 22), and since I don’t like waiting for the releases, I went browsing for the LN >.< The original link for it can be found here: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3273i/

This is my first translation project, so I’m sorry for any bad grammar that I have! Feel free to point out my errors, I will try to fix them ASAP. I have very little Japanese experience, so I am relying on MTL and my common sense with English grammar to get the job done. Feel free to share this, I don’t mind, but just give me some credit please, lol. DO NOT SELL THIS, I’M DOING THIS FOR FREE AND FOR FUN! On another note, since I am a college student, updates may be sporadic, so I will apologize for that. If you want to give me a hand, and become an editor/translator on this, just give me a heads up, we can split chapters, or work on them together. I’m flexible. Ok, let’s get to work, and see ya next time!

Shiro no Koukou Monogatari Summary